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Home Exercise Program for Knee Replacement

Just like brushing our teeth daily makes us feel better, exercise is one of those day to day routines that makes our bodies feel great. Especially for people with knee arthritis or a knee replacement, exercise is essential as it can minimize and limit pain, increase mobility, and enable freedom with daily activities and hobbies. Since going to a gym can be an obstacle for some people and because it is so important to incorporate exercise into your regular routine, having a home exercise program for your knee arthritis and to recover post knee replacement surgery is mandatory.

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Whether it is a busy schedule you have, difficulty in transporting to a gym, or watching your budget, doing knee exercises that give you relief from arthritis and make you feel better are accessible to everyone at home. As a personal trainer, our whole goal is to remove barriers to exercise and give you the tools you need to move your body and feel great! So, if you have been under the premise that you do not know what exercises to do, have not been able to attend a gym or class, or do not have the time, I am going to show you how simple it can be to do a handful of exercises at home.

What are the Knee Exercises I Need to do Daily from Home?

Living with knee arthritis can be challenging, limiting, and sometimes frustrating. The very nature of osteoarthritis causes a decrease of range of motion in the knee with inflammation and a resultant tightening and weakening of muscles around the joint. With a deterioration of cartilage in the joint and destruction of cushioning between the two bones that forms our knee, it leaves bone on bone friction which can lead to pain with movement. When you feel pain, the instinct is to stop and limit whatever causes the pain and in this case it is movement, but specifically it is weight bearing exercise.

However, range of motion and strength exercises improves pain, increases flexibility and function, decreases weakness, and builds stability for both knee arthritis and knee replacement.

Here are the most important exercises to include in your home training program:

  1. Knee Flexion (bending) Range of Motion Exercises
  2. Knee Extension (straightening) Range of Motion Exercises
  3. Static Stretches for the Muscles around your Knee
  4. Quadricep Strength Exercises especially for the VMO (Medial Knee Muscle)

The below exercise is one example that works on Knee Extension & Strengthens the Quadricep Muscle

Will I need Equipment for my Home Knee Exercise Program?

You do not need any equipment to begin your at home knee exercise program. Over time as exercises become easier and to add variety in, it will be great to acquire some exercise toys as I like to call them because exercising is fun after all, right?!

If you are starting your exercise program with knee arthritis pre knee replacement surgery, loading the knee with weights or resistance will most likely be disadvantageous causing you discomfort. However, post knee replacement surgery you will begin strength exercises with no load and gradually progress to adding resistance so you can build your strength. This is when a few more ‘fun’ pieces of equipment could be added to your home gym.

Knee Exercise Equipment to begin with…

  • Sturdy, stable chair
  • Body Ball (right height for you, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm options)
  • Firm Cushions, Foam Blocks, or Circle Foam
  • Pillows or Small Squeeze Ball to place between knees

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Exercise Equipment for Your Home Knee Exercise Program as You Advance or Want Variety

  • Stair (in your home preferably with railing nearby to hold) or Step Platform with 1-2 Risers
  • Dynaband
  • Xertube Band with Handles
  • Ankle Weights
  • Rocker Square Board
  • Potentially Weights or Plyoball, Sandbell, Kettlebell (more advanced)

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What Exercises Should I do at Home for my Knee Arthritis & Replacement?

Choosing the right exercises for your knee exercise home program and doing them correctly is extremely important. I have two recommendations for you to learn specific exercises that will help your knee arthritis and give you a strong recovery post knee replacement surgery. First, you can use the exact exercise program called the ‘gold standard’ by physiotherapists which brought incredible results to hundreds and hundreds of clients in the Joint Replacement program I instructed for 15 years. It is a complete exercise guide for pre and post knee replacement that shows you how to do all the exercises with photos, technique tips and cuing along with a video here: buy viagra online canada with mastercard .

If you prefer a more hands on approach then I would recommend hiring a personal trainer to come to your home and design a safe exercise program for you. It would be important to pick a personal trainer with specialized training in medical concerns or who has taken my course for personal trainers on buy viagra online pharmacy reviews

I cannot emphasize enough how much exercise can help your knee arthritis and give you strength post knee replacement for a strong, speedy recovery. It has been so rewarding to see and hear my clients rave about how exercise as saved them, given them independence and confidence, and enable them to live a great quality of life. So get started today on your home exercise program. Learn what exercises are best and how to do them correctly with the is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacyand then set a three day a week schedule in your calendar so you can feel great and get stronger!

Share with me how your home program is going below!

Happy Training,

Jody Kennett

The Knee Replacement Exercise Expert
‘Keeping Your Knees Free for Function, Fun & Fabulously Strong’