Pole Walking is an Excellent Exercise for Knee Arthritis & Knee Replacement

Knee Arthritis Exercise

Are you living with knee arthritis and have you found that you have not been able to walk as long as you use to be able to without experiencing pain? Has the knee pain and discomfort you feel when you walk changed your lifestyle and limited your freedom of activity? If you love walking, use…

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Home Exercises for Knee Arthritis & Knee Replacement

Home Exercise Program for Knee Replacement

Just like brushing our teeth daily makes us feel better, exercise is one of those day to day routines that makes our bodies feel great. Especially for people with knee arthritis or a knee replacement, exercise is essential as it can minimize and limit pain, increase mobility, and enable freedom with daily activities and hobbies.…

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Knee Arthritis Treatment: Daily Movement is Necessary!

knee replacement

Are you Waiting for Knee Replacement Surgery and Managing Knee Arthritis on a Daily Basis? You wake up first thing in the morning and go to take your first step out of bed when right away you are reminded of the stiff knee joint that is now a constant companion throughout your daily activities. As…

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Knee Replacement and Knee Arthritis Pain

How to manage Knee Arthritis Pain and Prepare for Knee Replacement Recovery

If you are reading this right now, you probably have knee arthritis or have seen a knee replacement surgeon and wondering what you can do to prepare for your knee replacement surgery. The great news is there is a lot you can do! A few months back, I received a very rewarding comment from a…

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Knee Arthritis Exercises I Give My Mom

Exercise for Knee Arthritis and Preparation for Knee Replacement

Just over a month ago I was teaching a room full of fitness professionals the Joint Replacement Workshop and showing them a video of my mom walking as we were reviewing gait. One of the trainers asked, “…is that why you got so involved in training clients with arthritis and joint replacements?” Although I have…

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Knee Replacement Strength Exercise VIDEO

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Knee Replacement Exercise VIDEO – Knee Extension & Quadricep Strength Exercise

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Knee Arthritis & Knee Replacement Exercises Top 10 List

Knee Arthritis Exercise and Knee Replacement Exercise

Top 10 Tips for People with Knee Arthritis & Knee Replacement to Improve Mobility and Function: Did you know that by being an active participant in the management of your arthritis, you can improve your overall mobility, decrease pain, and maintain a better quality of life? Now, the stiffness and pain you feel in your…

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Exercises for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Exercises Pre operation, Exercises for Knee Replacement Surgery

What Can You do Pre Operation Waiting for Knee Replacement? There is so much emphasis and education on post operation knee replacement recovery that you may feel there is nothing you can do but wait. Not only is there a lot you can do to relieve pain, maintain mobility, and recover stronger with exercise prior…

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Knee Exercises for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Exercise Program

How to Prepare for & Recover from Knee Replacement Surgery with Exercise There are many factors involved in preparing for and recovering from knee replacement surgery and one of the most important elements is exercise. Having helped hundreds of joint replacement candidates with their pre and post rehabilitation exercises I have seen what works best…

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